Pfänderbahn & Pfänderbahnmuseum

The Bregenzer Pfanderbahn, the cable car system that enables visitors to the capital of the Voralberg region of Austria to ascend the mountain called the Pfander, is one of many in the Alps. Its unique feature is that there is a museum at the lower station which explains the technology used, and shows how the cable car system fits into the development of tourism at the eastern end of the Bodensee (Lake Constance). The cable cars began operation in 1927 and carry visitors from the lower station, 419 m above sea level, to the summit at 1022 m above sea level. The trip takes six minutes, and at the summit visitors can enjoy superb views westward over the Bodensee, and take refreshments at two restaurants. The cars, of modern construction, were built in Vienna, and can carry up to 80 passengers. The museum is located in a range of new buildings at the lower station constructed in 1994-95.

Pfänderbahn & Pfänderbahnmuseum
Schillerstrasse 3
6900 Bregenz
+43 (0) 5574 - 421600