Peter Junior Flight Exhibition

The Junior family began collecting aircraft in 1973. Their exhibition at Hermeskeil now has 100 civilian and military aircraft and 60 engines on display. It uses an indoor space of 3,600 square metres in four large halls and 76,000 square metres outside. The aeroplanes and helicopters come from many different countries and make an A to (almost) Z of aerospace companies, from Aérospatiale and Antonov through Dornier, Fokker and Heinkel to Lockheed, Saab, Vickers and Westland. Its oldest plane is a Blériot XI, the single-seat type that Louis Blériot used to cross the English Channel in 1909. Among the largest is a four-engine Vickers VC10. One of the most surprising exhibits is a replica of a Concorde, made out of steel by Leo Junior and designed a little bigger so that it houses a café for 150 people.

Peter Junior Flight Exhibition
Flugausstellung Peter Junior
Habersberg 1
54411 Hermeskeil
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