Open Air Museum of Mining and Industry

Tatabánya is a town in north-west Hungary, created in 1947 when four villages were united under a programme of industrialisation. The museum of coal mining opened in 1988. It is called an open air museum, although most of the buildings stand on their original sites and have not been removed from elsewhere. The steel headstock of a mine is preserved, and individual buildings include miners’ houses with interiors of various periods, a barber’s shop, a school and the mine’s power plant, pithead baths, lamp house and smith’s shop. Visitors are unable to see underground workings but an artificial show mines has been constructed. Large machines displayed outside include cutting machines, transport and steam locomotive. The indoor sections have several interactive displays and there is a collection of minerals and ores.

Open Air Museum of Mining and Industry
Vágóhíd utca 1.
2800 Tatabánya
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