A refinery dating from the pioneer years of the oil industry is preserved at Angelsberg on Oljeon (oil island) in Lake Amannigen, near the Engelsberg ironworks. Oil-refining was begun on the mainland in 1871 by Pehr August Alund, but his plant was twice destroyed by fire, and he set up the company Engelsbergs Oljefabriks Aktiebolag in 1874, which built the refinery in 1875-6. Eight wood-fired retorts were constructed, to which a further four were subsequently added. Refining ceased in 1902 but production of grease and varnish continued until 1927, and from 1928 it was conserved by the Engelsberg Ironworks company. It is now part of the Bergslagen Ekomuseum and administered from the Engelsberg Ironworks.

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