Old Gun Foundry Museum

Muzej Stara Livnica (formerly the Museum of the Crvena Zastava Institute) was started as long ago as 1953, to celebrate the centenary of the Zastava arms factory. The foundry cast its first cannon in 1853, and the factory now produces smaller arms under the name Zastava Arms and exports them worldwide. The museum occupies the former gun foundry, which closed in 1968. The foundry was rebuilt in the 1880s in the form of two tall, well-lit halls with rooflights, clerestory windows and aisles on either side. The museum traces the factory’s history as part of Kragujevac’s economic, social and cultural development. Zastava Arms’ role in the expansion of Serbia’s military weapons is documented. The collection of 5,500 items includes weapons and equipment, machinery and tools, archives, photographs, art works and stamps and medals. The 1880 Mauser-Milovanović rifle and the 1989 Vasić hand grenade are among the weaponry interpreted. A library is also available.

Old Gun Foundry Museum
Muzej Stara Livnica Kosovska 4 Kragujevac 34000 Serbia +38134337786 https://www.muzej-topolivnica.rs/pocetna/
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