Nový Jičín – Town of Hats Visitor Centre

You can try out around 300 different head coverings at the Nový Jičín visitor center. Its interactive exposition will uncover the secrets of hat-making technology and lead you through the local hat-making tradition, the roots of which reach back to the 16th century.

Part of the exposition will introduce you to the Hückel family, whose family business was the pride of Czechoslovak interwar export. At that time, the town was considered to be one of the richest centers of northeastern Moravia and was even called “the town of millionaires”! At the end of the tour, you will be able to manufacture one mini-hat on a one-of-a-kind steam machine and decorate it.

Nový Jičín – Town of Hats Visitor Centre
Návštěvnické centrum Nový Jičín - město klobouků
Masarykovo náměstí 45
74101 Nový Jičín
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 556 - 711888

Recommended duration of visit:2 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:60 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:Available
Visitor centre on site:yes
Gift and book shop on site:yes

Monday - Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday, Sunday 9am-5pm

  • Guided tours optional
  • Tours in other languages