Novosad & Son Glassworks and Museum

The Harrachov glassworks represents the high-quality production of glasswares associated with Bohemia. The factory was established before 1712. It began making lead crystal in 1827 and developed a large range of complex, high-quality cut-glass products using colour, gold and enamels. These were exported and shown in international exhibitions. In 1845 the factory employed 220 people, rising to 400 by 1895. It was nationalized in 1945, then became privately owned again in 1993. It still produces high-quality, hand-made glasswares. Tours of the factory take visitors to see the glass-blowers at work in the furnace building, which was rebuilt after a fire in the 1940s, and glass-cutters in the cutting room opened in 1895. The museum was created in the manager’s house in 1994. The displays include thousands of fine glass products and relate the history of glass-making in the region. The company has diversified and also runs a microbrewery, hotel and spa on the site.

Novosad & Son Glassworks and Museum
Sklárna a Muzeum Skla Novosad & Syn
Nový Svět 95
51246 Harrachov
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 481 - 528141