Nougat Museum

Turrón is a confectionary of nougat made from toasted almonds with honey, sugar and egg-white. It is an important part of the cultural identity of the small town of Castuera in Extramadura. Making it is still an important source of employment in the town and it is exported internationally by four firms – Dos Hermanos, Rey Alimentación, Artesanos de Castuera and Fernández Galán. The museum of turrón opened in 2005. It displays artefacts for making the turrón such as weighing scales, cooking pots and ovens. A travelling sales stand for nuts has been reconstructed – these were traditionally taken around Spain by the makers from April to October before they returned home to make more of the product. The museum occupies four floors in a 19th-century flour mill where grain was sieved in drums and ground up to four times in a set of roller mills. The early 20th-century equipment is intact.

Nougat Museum
Museo del Turrón
Calle Huertos, 46
06420 Castuera (Badajoz)
+34 (0) 924 - 772301