Norwegian National Railway Museum

The national railway museum of Norway is located on the shore of Lake Mjosa within a park where several wooden station building have been re-erected, and in which there is a steam-operated narrow gauge line, operated by locomotives built in Germany. The principal exhibits are now displayed in a building of 2003 and include two locomotives built in 1861 by Robert Stephenson, as well as main line locomotives built in Oslo and Essen, and a remarkably primitive open fourth-class carriage made by a Birmingham company in 1854. Tools displayed include a Manchester-built lathe of 1853, and amongst the track exhibits are rails rolled at Dowlais, Rhymney and Bochum.

Norwegian National Railway Museum
Norsk Jernbanemuseum
Strandveien 163
2316 Hamar
+46 (0) 62 - 513160