Norwegian Forest Museum

The Norwegian Forest Museum, on the banks of the River Glomma, is concerned with all aspects of the country’s forests, with ecology and hunting, as well as with forest industries. It is one of the best places in Europe in which to gain an understanding of the complex pattern of occupations by which men have gained their livings from woodland. There are comprehensive displays, including many tools, that show the manufacture of tar, charcoal, planks, birch-bark shoes, baskets and rucksacks, and models illustrate the principles of log-floating. An open-air section includes typical temporary dwellings of lumbermen and hunters, and more modern prefabricated wooden buildings.

A bridge over the river links the forest museum to the Glomdalsmuseum, an open-air collection of buildings from the Glomma valley, established in 1911.

Norwegian Forest Museum
Norsk Skogmuseum
Solørveoem 151
M-2407 Elverum
+47 (0) 62 - 409000