Nolla Mosaic Route

The municipality of Meliana is located about 7 km north of Valencia. It is known for the Nolla mosaics.

In 1860, the industrialist Miguel Nolla Bruixet built a factory to produce mosaics, using a new production technology from England. The coloured stoneware of high technical quality and resistance could be used to create mosaics in an infinite variety of geometric shapes and designs, which were particularly appreciated by the high society of the nineteenth century and modernity. In 1920, the founder's sons sold the company to the Count of Trénor, who renamed it Mosaicos Nolla, SA. Production ceased in the 1970s. Nolla mosaics can still be found today in many private and public buildings in cities in Spain, but also abroad.

Numerous examples of Nolla mosaic on or in buildings can be seen in Meliana itself along a signposted route. The signs are equipped with QR codes that provide detailed information about the mosaic in question. The main attraction of the route is the Nolla Palace (Palauet), restored in 2011, a building used by Miguel Nolla as an exhibition space for his mosaics and magnificently decorated.

Nolla Mosaic Route
Ruta mosaico Nolla
Information: Ajuntament de Meliana, Plaza Mayor, 1
46133 Meliana
+34 (0) 961 - 535891

Access for persons with disabilities:Available

Nolla Mosaic Route can be walked independently at any time.
Guided tours to Nolla Palace (Palauet) on Saturday and Sunday.