Nirvana Studios at former ammunition warehouses

To protect the Portuguese capital from foreign invasions from land and sea, a series of fortifications, called 'Campo Entrincheirado de Lisboa' (entrenched fields), was built along the then city limits of Lisbon between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The core of the defense system consisted of forts and other military installations, which were connected by a road inaugurated in 1902 and initially reserved exclusively for the military, the 'Estrada Militar'. Located on the 'Estrada Militar', to the east of the town of Barcarena, a facility was built during the reign of the fascist dictator Salazar ('Estado Novo', 1933-1974), which served as ammunition warehouses for the Braço de Prata arms factory (Lisbon) and as the army's logistical headquarters.

After this use was abandoned, the complex fell into disrepair until it was acquired by the Custom Circus art company and extensively restored. In 2004 the site reopened its gates to house the first Portuguese alternative cultural center with its dozens of groups residing in an area of ​​25,000 m2 entirely dedicated to culture, promoting, developing and disseminating new creations in all of their different forms. Nirvana Studios is currently a trend factory in the cultural avant-garde panorama and simultaneously an oasis for independent artists, with more than 500 events and shows through the year. With a diversity of multipurpose studios, rehearsal rooms and 2 hectares of common areas for events or outdoor interventions, Nirvana Studios hosts and manages hundreds of events that constantly interact with each other, creating numerous synergies in the development of its projects.

Nirvana Studios at former ammunition warehouses
Estrada Militar 66
2730226 Barcarena
+351 (0) 2180 - 63890

Recommended duration of visit:2 Hours
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The site is open daily from 9pm.
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