National Theatre of Miskolc

The theatre in Miskolc traces its origins to 1823, when it was the first permanent, stone-built theatre to be built within the boundaries of present-day Hungary. The first building was destroyed by fire, and the present theatre, in a mixture of the baroque and neo-classical styles designed by Cassano Jozsef, was built between 1847 and 1857. A fly tower was added in 1880, and it has been modernised on several subsequent occasions. It is now celebrated as the venue of an annual opera festival.

The adjacent museum has displays relating to the history of one of the most celebrated theatres in eastern Europe, together with features on the lives of some of the famous actors who have appeared there, and a section on stage technology that includes the console from which lighting and scenery were controlled between 1959 and 1990.

National Theatre of Miskolc
Nemzeti Szinhaz Miskolci
Deryne utca 3
3525 Miskolc
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