National Museum of Agriculture

Polands National Museum of Agricultural is located at Komorniki, 10 km south of Poznań. The collection was established in 1964 and the museum gained national status in 1974. Its collection includes steam ploughing and threshing sets, windmills, brewing equipment, harvesting tools ‘from sickles to combined harvesters’ and numerous beehives. There are sections on rural textile manufactures, on the food industry and the history of the Polish countryside, on rural transport, on veterinary science, and on soil science. Researchers at the museum study dialects and folk art. The museum incorporates the manor house and mausoleum of the former landowners the Bierbaum family. 

The museum has a branch at Uzrzewo, concerned with hunting set up in 1977, a branch centred on milling and water-power at Jaracz, opened in 1981, a section on basketry and hops at Nowy Tomyślu, opened in 1985, an open air museum of 1999 at Swarzedz, and a branch concerned with the place of meat in society established at Sielinko in 2004.

National Museum of Agriculture
Muzeum Narodowe Rulnictwa I Przmystu Rulno
Dworcowa 5
62-052 Komorniki
+48 (0) 61 - 8107629