National Automobile Museum

This museum holds one of Europe’s largest collections of historic motor cars, and is also notable for its innovative design and interpretation. It was formerly called the Ruffia Museum, and was established in 1932 by two pioneers of the Italian car industry, Cesare Goria Gatti (1860-1959) and Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia (1878-1930). Since 2009 it has been transformed by architectural changes directed by Cino Zucchi and new displays designed by Francois Confina. It shows in an innovative and imaginative way the evolution of the motor car and its impact on society, on the lives of those who make cars and of those who drive them. The collection totals almost 200 vehicles, including racing cars and motor bicycles. Highlights among the older exhibits include a steam landau of 1854 by Virginio Bordino, a Peugeot of 1894, a racing Fiat of 1903, and a Lancia of 1923, an early example of monocoque construction. There are vehicles from most European countries including a Mini and a Rolls Royce from England, some early Fords from America and some historic Mercedes cars from Germany. 

National Automobile Museum
Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile
Corsa Unitá d’Italia 40
10126 Torino
+39 (0) 11 - 677666