Narrow-gauge Railway Třemešná - Osoblaha

The railway line from Třemešná to Osoblaha was built in 1898 as a narrow-gauge railway, especially to connect the sugar factory in Osoblaha to the network of the then Moravian-Silesian Central Railway. The track gauge of 760 mm was chosen because the line could be better adapted to the landscape (but thus has 102 curves) and the construction costs were one third lower.

In 1997, freight traffic was discontinued for economic reasons. In 2003, the 1st Steam Narrow Gauge Railway Company was founded, which has been offering regular tourist excursions with steam and diesel locomotives on the most curved narrow-gauge line in the Czech Republic since 2005.

Narrow-gauge Railway Třemešná - Osoblaha
Osoblažsko úzkokolejka
Třemešná 298
79382 Třemešná
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 721 - 676459