Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum

The Museum is one of nine sites of the Memorial Museum of A. Baranauskas and A. Monk-Žukauskas, which was established in 1927 to preserve the heritage of the Anykščiai region. It is located in the station at Anykščiai, from which it is possible to take a trip on 68km of preserved railway. It celebrates the history of the 750-mm gauge developed from 1895 by the Lithuanian government. At its peak before the Second World War the network was 450-km long. In the station building of 1901 visitors see the waiting room, ticket office and station-master’s office. Nearby are a water tower, the cobbled goods square and a railway warehouse (the Pakhaus). The warehouse shows original equipment and displays about the history of narrow-gauge railways in Lithuania. A new building contains locomotives, including a Skoda steam engine, passenger cars and freight wagons. There is also a display of restored vintage cars. The museum allows visitors to climb onto the rolling stock and to ride a rail tricycle.

Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum
Siauruko Muziejus
Stoties str. 4B
29111 Anykščiai
+370 (0) 8381 - 58015