Mynydd Parys and Porth Amlwch

As long ago as the Bronze Age people knew that the North Wales mountain of Mynydd Parys contained copper. Just how much was lying untouched in the ground, however, only came to light in 1768. This had undreamt of consequences, one of which, if only indirect, was Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. For the hulls of the British ships were sheathed in copper, a technical advance which made them particularly manoeuvrable. The copper of course came from the ore mines of Mynydd Parys. At the time almost all copper came from Mynydd Parys. Global exports meant that the neighbouring port of Amlwch was bursting at the seams. Today it is the site of an industrial museum which is simultaneously the start of a circular trail through the area’s turbulent past. Amongst its attractions are the remains of the disused wharfs and the sole British dry dock made exclusively of natural rock. Another circular trail takes you past the mines of Mynydd Parys with its yawning abysses and ancient machinery. All this with stunning views over a unique industrial landscape.

Mynydd Parys and Porth Amlwch
The Sail Loft, Porth Amlwch
LL68 9DB Amlwch
Isle of Anglesey
United Kingdom