Muzeum Sokolov

Sokolov previously known as Falknov nad Ohři, is a town in the mining region of northern Bohemia. Coalmining in the area began in the mid-eighteenth century and was stimulated by the opening of railways from 1871. The chemical industry became established around Sokolov on a substantial scale from 1927. A museum of the mining region was established in 1960, and is now located in a chateau in the Renaissance style built in late seventeenth century which was the home of the landowners, the Nostitz family from 1662 until 1945. The scope of the museum has subsequently expanded, and it was extensively renovated in 2012-13. It is responsible for several other museums in the region. It continues to show the importance of industry in this part of Bohemia and has exhibits relating not just to mining and chemicals but also to the manufacture of fine porcelain, glass bottles and musical instruments.

Muzeum Sokolov
Zamecka 160-1
35601 Sokolov
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 352 - 623930