Museum of Wine

The rosso of Torgiano, 15 km south of Perugia is one of Italy’s best red wines, which for many decades has been exported to other parts of Italy and overseas.


The wine museum was established in 1974 by Countess Maria Grazia Lungarotti and her late husband, Count Giorgio Lungarotti, and is now managed by the Fundazione Lungarotti. It is located on the first floor and in the basement of the seventeenth-century Palazzo Graziani-Baglioni, once the summer residence of a noble family, and occupies 20 galleries in which are displayed nearly 3,000 artefacts. The history of wine-making is illustrated by utensils, storage vessels and drinking vessels, the earliest recovered from archaeological excavations, the most recent the products of contemporary firms. There is a particularly fine collection of ceramic items. Works of art are another important source for the history of wine, and the museum holds many engravings and paintings, most notably l’Infanzia de Bacco (the childhood of Bacchus) by Georgio Andreoli.


The Lungarotti Foundation also manages a museum of olive oil at Via Garibaldi 10.

Museum of Wine
Torgiano Museo de Vino
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
06089 Torgiano
+39 (0) 75 - 9880200