Museum of the Zlatoust Arms Factory

The first weapons factory in Zlatoust opened in 1815 to produce blade weaponry for the Russian army and navy. The city was created after an ironworks was built in 1754. It is still a centre of knife and sword production with about 60 cooperatives and workshops specializing in producing steel blade weapons. The Oruzheynik factory makes a range of long-blade weapons including sabers, swords, longswords, hunting knives, dirks and stiletto knives. During the First World War it produced 600,000 weapons. The region is famous for its high quality engraving of imagery on the blades. Visitors can see the different phases of production and decoration with engraving and precious stones.

Museum of the Zlatoust Arms Factory
Музей Златоустовской оружейной фабрики
International Square 3
456200 Zlatoust
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