Museum of the Navy Forge

The Royal Forge at Guéirny in central France stands behind grand gates and next to the river that once provided it with power. A forge was started here in 1640. It was enlarged in the 18th century by Pierre Babaud de La Chaussade, who operated a blast furnace, forge and foundry to supply the French navy with anchors, chains and other iron products. He sold it to the King in 1781 and from 1820 it was owned by the navy itself. The site was expanded to make large chains and in 1875 it employed 500 workers. It closed in the 1920s. The impressive industrial buildings have a water-power canal between them. The chain shop is 90m long. A museum displays large-scale models, images and original artefacts to explain the site, the needs of the navy and metallurgical processes. Among equipment are a crane, a steam hammer, turbines and a steam engine. Nearby are a sawmill, offices, Chaussade’s mansion and workers’ houses.

Museum of the Navy Forge
Musée Forges et Marines
Avenue Arnault de Lange
58130 Guéirny
+33 (0) 386 - 370108