Museum of the Industrial Quarter

The Museum of the Industrial Quarter was established in Karl Flanner (1920-2013), a welder in the city’s famous locomotive factory, who endured slave labour under the Nazis, was imprisoned in concentration camps, served as a member of the city corporation in the decades after the Second World War, and was respected as an historian. The museum describes the industrial history of Weiner Neustadt and the southern part of Lower Austria in recent times. One of its buildings is a former smithy (hammerschmiede), where iron was shaped by powered hammers. The seven exhibition galleries deal with such themes as women’s work, telegraphy, printing, measuring tools, shoemaking, lock-smithing and household utensils. One section deals with slave labour under the Nazis, and particularly with the Raxwerke, the notorious branch of the Wiener Neustadt locomotive factory which employed slave labour. The museum includes a research and study centre.

Museum of the Industrial Quarter
Industrieviertel Museum
Anna Rieger Gasse 4
2700 Wiener Neustadt
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