Museum of the Dauphinois Silk Weaver

The Musée du Tisserand is housed in a former silk weaving factory from the early 20th century in the small town of La Bâtie-Montgascon. It tells the story of silk weaving for over 200 years in the Duphiné region of south-eastern France, especially in the Rhône valley. The techniques are demonstrated using working equipment of yarn preparation, handloom weaving and mechanised weaving. Many earlier examples of equipment are also preserved in the museum. Displays show the impact of the industry on the landscape and the history of the exploitation of silk from the silkworm to the finished fabric and from China to Europe. A wide selection of products made from silk is also on display, including Damask cloths and stockings. Temporary exhibitions and cultural events are held. Visitors to the museum can also collect information to help them take walking tours of the local heritage.

Museum of the Dauphinois Silk Weaver
Musée du Tissarant Dauphinois
76 Rue des Tisserands
38110 La Bâtie-Montgascon
+33 (0) 474 - 830899