Museum of Telephone History

The museum has the largest collection in Europe of telephone sets and accessories from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. It traces the changes in design and technology that took the telephone from rare business device or luxury to a tool in daily use. The museum is newly completed and presented to a very high standard in the centre of Moscow. It is based on the private collection of Vitaly Ezopov, the head of the telecommunications company Mastertel. There are telephones from all periods. Remarkable examples of design range from the beautiful to the absurd. Some of the telephones had famous users such as Mikhail Gorbachev or Yuri Gagarin. As well as all sorts or rare telephones and other devices there are interactive features, including an opportunity to send messages through a pneumatic tube, try morse code or test different kinds of dials. Visitors can also try out an operator’s switchboard.

Museum of Telephone History
Музей истории телефона!
19 bld. 2, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya St.
123001 Moscow
+7 (0) 495 - 8000800