Museum of Science and Technology

Sweden’s national museum of science and technology was founded in 1924 under the patronage of several of the country’s leading learned societies and industrial organisations. It is located in a building in the International Modern style designed by Ragnar Hjorth that was opened in 1946, and has received state funding since 1964.

The displays portray many aspects of Swedish industry. A substantial permanent exhibition called Ferrum illustrates the importance of iron-making in Sweden over many centuries and includes a demonstration of the workings of an electric arc furnace. Other galleries have displays on electric power, forest industries and mining, and the development from its infancy of information technology. An extensive model layout shows how Swedish railways were operated in the 1950s. Construction began in 1948 and every part of it apart from the electric motors was hand-made for the purpose. The aeronautics display includes a Bleriot monoplane of 1911 and a Cierva C30 autogiro of 1934. A science centre has an extensive range of interactive displays.

Museum of Science and Technology
Tekniska museet Box 27842
Museivagen 7
115 93 Stockholm
+46 (0) 8 - 4505600