Museum of Retro Cars

The Museum of Retro Cars opened in 2004 and displays more than 200 vehicles in five large hangar-like halls. Its main theme is the development of the automobile industry in the USSR, and it tells the story of the AZLK factory in Moscow, the first in the country to use mass production methods. It includes examples of some of the most significant motor cars made in other countries, including the most popular examples by Ford and Volkswagen, as well as a Rolls Royce Silver Spur, and some classic American cars of the 1930s with five-, six- and seven-litre engines. It is most important however for its comprehensive collection of cars made in the Soviet era, including the famous Ladas, Zil, Volga, Goz, Pobeda and Chayka marques, but also examples by Kim, Emka and GAZA, which are relatively little-known. There is a section displaying military vehicles. The Museum organises trips through the city for visitors in some of its historic vehicles.

Museum of Retro Cars
Rogohskiy Val ul 9/2
109544 Moscow
+7 (0) 495 - 911821