Museum of Post and Telecommunications

The museum is part of the Technical Museum of Slovenia and moved to its present home in Polhov castle in 2008. It is a collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Pošta Slovenije and Telekom Slovenije. The postal exhibition provides an introduction to the development of postal services from ancient times to the present with models, reconstructions of post offices, uniforms, and examples of postal transportation by horse-drawn carriage, bicycle and motorbike. The telecommunications exhibition includes a wide collection of telephones, teleprinters and other appliances to send messages over long distances together with a relocated telephone exchange. Visitors can see the first Morse and Hughes telegraphs, Iskra phones and the development of mobile telephony. There is a children’s post office where children learn about the work of postmen through play.

Museum of Post and Telecommunications
Muzej pošte in telekomunikacij
Polhov Gradec 61
1355 Polhov Gradec
+386 (0) 1 - 3640083