Museum of Nougat

Xixona or Jijona is a small town 24 kilometres from Alicante that is famous for its production of nougats, marzipans and sweets. The soft nougat known as Xixona turrón is its most famous product – made from honey, sugar, oil and toasted almonds. This specialism goes back to the Middle Ages but grew in the twentieth century and remains important. The region is filled with almond trees. The museum is owned by a confectionary company and is located in the southern corner of the ‘City of Turrón’ industrial estate in the factory of the companies El Lobo and 1880. Since the 1960s, the owners have collected material about the history of turrón production. The objects on display include stone mills for grinding the almonds, ovens for toasting them, advertisements, packaging and even a delivery lorry. Visitors see production in the factory, still using traditional methods, and a shop with local products.

Museum of Nougat
Museo del Turrón
Polígono Industrial Ciudad del Turrón, Carretera Busot km1
03100 Xixona
+34 (0) 965 - 610712