Museum of Mining Heritage | Cyprus Copper Route

The Cyprus Copper Route is a self-drive itinerary of copper-mining heritage. Cyprus was the largest supplier of copper to the ancient world. Even the word ‘copper’ comes from the name of the island. One large mine is still operating – the Skouriotissa copper mine of the Hellenic Copper Mines company.

The itinerary begins at either Lemesos or Larnaka and crosses the island to Katydata. The landscape is full of ancient spoil heaps and opencast mines. To visit the Museum of Mining Heritage at the village of Katydata you must make an appointment at least one day before. The museum is in an old court-house near the church of St John. It shows samples of minerals, information about the landscape, copper miner’s tools, ingots and artefacts made with copper over the last 5,000 years. Nearby is the Skouriotissa mine, where copper has been mined across four thousand years.

Museum of Mining Heritage | Cyprus Copper Route
1, Palaiou Scholiou Street
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