Museum of Metallurgy (under construction)

In the 19th century todays Chorzów was one of the hot spots of the Industrial Revolution. Königshütte/Kościuszko ironworks was put into operation in 1802. It was one of the first steam-powered steelworks on the European continent. Its blast furnace was the largest in Europe at the time. After an eventful history, which also reflects the state development of the region, parts of the plant were closed down in the 1990's.

The 'Museum of Metallurgy' is currently being established in the former power plant building of the ironworks. The exhibition will tell the story of the Silesian iron and steel industry presenting historical machines and almost 140 objects representing also intangible heritage of Silesian steel workers from 19th to 21st century. It will be the first permanent exhibition in Poland dedicated strictly to iron and steel and their influence on the world we know. The opening of the museum and the permanent exhibition is planned in autumn 2021.

Museum of Metallurgy (under construction)
Muzeum Hutnictwa w Chorzowie
Metalowców 13
41-500 Chorzów
+48 (0) 507 - 723213

Access for persons with disabilities:Available

The  opening of the museum is planned for autumn 2021.