Museum of Industrial Railways

The Museum of Industrial Railways is at the southern end of the restored narrow-gauge railway from Zastávka u Brna to Zbýšov. It opened in 1991. Trains run on the 5-kilometres of track. The railway was built at standard gauge in 1862 to take coal from mines at Zbýšov to the main line at Zastávka, but it now operates at 600-mm gauge. The museum has a static display of rolling stock and regularly runs trains for passengers using its CKD 0-4-0T steam locomotive built in Prague in 1951. Several other locomotives in the collection include a Siemens electric engine of 1908 and a diesel locomotive built by CKD at Prague in 1961.

Museum of Industrial Railways
Muzeum průmyslových železnic
Masarykova 248
66411 Zbýšov
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 724 - 145079