Museum of Chocolate in Pokrov

Pokrov is a small town east of Moscow in which the main industry is a chocolate factory, originally opened by the Stollwerck company, but taken over in 2001 by the American company Kraft Foods which established the Museum of Chocolate in 2004. The displays illustrate the role of chocolate in communities throughout the world, using works of art, artefacts and marketing materials. It shows production methods and the great variety of forms into which chocolate has been shaped before being offered for sale. The museum maintains connections with museums of chocolate in other countries.

Outside the museum is a bronze Monument to Chocolate, designed by Ilya Shanin after an international competition and unveiled in 2009 as a commemoration of the fifteenth anniversary of the Kraft Foods takeover of the local factory. It is in the form of 3 m high magic fairy.

Museum of Chocolate in Pokrov
Muzey Shokolada
Lenina Street 79
119019 Pokrov
+7 (0) 1495 - 9996127