Museum of Carpets in Voigtsberg Castle

In 1880 Karl Wilhelm Koch and Fritz te Kock founded a carpet weaving factory named “Vollmond” in Oelsnitz in the Vogtland area of Saxony. Before World War I, the company had become the largest carpet manufacturer in Germany. It survived both world wars, its nationalization as “VEB Halbmond” and the difficulties of postunification. Today, the limited company Halbmond prints high-class individual carpeting on an ultra-modern 4-meter Chromojet system, a process which visitors can watch.

If visitors want to learn more about the history of carpet production, they have to go to Voigtsberg Castle. In the Carpet Museum, flying carpets transport them through the history of the mechanical and industrial production of carpets in Oelsnitz. From the gallery under the roof down to the ground floor, visitors learn the wonderful features of carpets and the message expressed by their patterns. The rustic Axminster carpet loom from 1910 and the Oriental embroidery machine from the 1930s show the impressive development of the carpet industry.

Museum of Carpets in Voigtsberg Castle
Schlossstrasse 32
08606 Oelsnitz/Vogtland
+49 (0) 37421 - 729484