Museum of Carpet

The town of Kidderminster on the lower reaches of the River Stour in Worcestershire gave its name in the seventeenth century to ‘Kidderminster Stuff’, a fairly heavy woollen fabric used for curtains and for ‘carpets’ (in the sense of cloths laid on tables or chests). In the course of the eighteenth century the town became one of the most celebrated centres in England for the manufacture of carpets in the modern sense, i.e. woven floor coverings.

The Museum of Carpet, set up in the Stour Vale Mills, presents traditional cloth weaving techniques on 19th century handlooms as well as magnificent 19th & 20th century power looms still weaving carpet. The story of Carpet Manufacture in Kidderminster is told in a series of galleries through films, hands-on activities, including a design your own carpet projection, and demonstrations from volunteers with their own stories of working in the industry.

Museum of Carpet
Stour Vale Mill
Green Street
DY10 1AZ Kidderminster
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1562 - 69028