Museum of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

The Museum of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment is a branch of the National Museum of Agriculture at Čáslav, east of Prague. It is open from April to October. The focus of the displays is the development of machines that took over from manual work, especially during the twentieth century. Among the oldest items are a pair of steam traction engines dating from 1906 for drawing a plough. They were made by the British company Fowler for the Močovice and Libice sugar factories. The main displays show tractors, ploughs and combine harvesters from makers such as Zetor, John Deer, Svoboda and Wichterle and Kovářík. There are also two small aircraft. Machines are shown from all sectors of agriculture and horticulture. They include seed drills, mowing machines, threshing machines and other devices that are connected to a drive-shaft and belt-drives from a stationary engine. Exhibitions present Czech entrepreneurship in agricultural mechanisation.

Museum of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
Muzeum zemědělské techniky
Jeníkovská 1762
28601 Čáslav
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 720 - 942463