Museum of Agricultural Equipment

Opened in 1987, the Museum of Agricultural Equipment traces the history of agricultural production and especially the use of machinery and technical equipment. Six exhibitions are presented over 6000 m². The first explores how humans have collected and farmed food. Another explores the use of steam, from the introduction of the first steam engines to the traction engines used in ploughing until the mid-twentieth century. A 4000-m² space is dedicated to the history of tools and machinery, including reconstructed tools and tractors from the twentieth century. Other themes include the Hungarian manufacturers of agricultural machinery and the use of wind- and water-power for food production. An unusual collection of miniature models of agricultural tools is on display. Among the large machinery are a John Deere plough from the 1830s, a ‘Hungaria’ seed drill from 1874 and a steam traction engine made around 1915 in Budapest by the works of Hofherr-Schrantz-Clayton-Shuttleworth.

Museum of Agricultural Equipment
Mezőgazdasági Eszköz- és Gépfejlődéstörténeti Szakmúzeum
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