Museum Oederan 'The Weaving"

The museum of Oederan, a small village 20 km East of Chemnitz, presents the textile history of the Ore Mountains. Under the guidance of museum staff and on hand and power looms, visitors can learn various weaving techniques, spooling, as well as sectional and direct warping procedures. As the machinery and equipment park of the museum covers almost the entire history of weaving, from the simple handlooms of the early days via Jacquard looms and dobby machines up to the weaving machines of the 20th century, visitors can get an exciting overview of several centuries of textile history. Looms and other devices from the collection of the former Simon Mill in Oederan, mechanical looms from the training workshop of Wäscheunion in Oederan and various purchases from Saxon and Czech companies can also be admired and tried out.

Museum Oederan 'The Weaving"
Markt 6
09569 Oederan
+49 (0) 37292 - 27128