Museum Factory

This large, new museum brings together historical collections made in the town of Pritzwalk in north-east Germany since the 1930s. In 2002, the local council and the local history society opened the collections to the visitors in the former warehouse of the Schraube brewery offices, built in 1863. To this was added the nearby five-storey building of the Gebr woollen factory next to the River Dömnitz. The factory and the brewery are now linked by a bridge. The museum was comprehensively redeveloped in 2018. The focus is on the social, technological and environmental aspects of industrialization and the wider history of the city. Original features of the museum’s buildings allow visitors to examine the history of brewing, cloth weaving and textile printing and to try some techniques for themselves. Other displays explore flour milling and the rural industries of the region. There is an archive and library, a roof-top viewing platform and a café.

Museum Factory
Meyenburger Tor 3a
16928 Pritzwalk
+49 (0) 3395 - 76081120