MuCa Museum of Shipbuilding and Panzano Village

Monfalcone near Trieste was chosen for a new shipbuilding yard in the early twentieth century. The yard completed its first ship in 1912. Panzano was built as a company ‘garden village’. The area was then in Austria-Hungary but it became Italian after the First World War. Engineers, steel fabricators, designers and cabinet makers built many luxury liners here from the 1920s. An ecomuseum includes the village of Panzano, a visitor centre in old workshops, a monument to workers affected by diseases from asbestos and MuCa, the shipbuilding museum. The museum is in the Albergo Operai, the architecturally impressive workers’ hostel built in 1920 for unmarried workers. It was designed around five courtyards by Dante Fornasir with 700 single rooms, bathrooms, canteen, bar, gym and library. Multimedia exhibitions show the stories of the place and its people, the establishment of the shipyards, techniques of construction and the ships’ interior design. Visitors also glimpse yards nearby where ships are still outfitted.

MuCa Museum of Shipbuilding and Panzano Village
MuCa Museo della Cantieristica & Panzano Village
Via del Mercato, 3, Panzano
34074 Monfalcone
+39 (0) 481 - 494901