MOT - Museum of Old Techniques

The MOT is a technology museum in Grimbergen near Brussels, which specialises since 1980 in techniques driven by natural power sources. The main collection is built around handheld tools of every era and profession. The museum has an important and international collection of trade catalogues, many of which with an industrial character, partly digitalised and available on the site's website. The scientific library also contains a number of publications on industrial topics.

The museum manages three historical sites in Grimbergen, two of them are working watermills for grain. One mill is open during regular demonstrations. The museum also has two functioning bread ovens in which regular baking sessions for the public are offered.

MOT - Museum of Old Techniques
Museum voor de Oudere Technieken
Guldendal 21
1850 Grimbergen
+32 (0) 2 - 2708111