Moser Glass Factory & Museum

Karlovy Vary, 120 km west of Prague, is renowned as a spa and for the 19th century ironwork which adorns its buildings. It has also been a centre for the manufacture of high quality glass for which Bohemia is famous. The museum attached to the Moser factory at Karlovy Vary displays the history of the techniques used in glass making, particularly in the manufacture and working of crystal, used for fine table wares, ornaments and chandeliers. Crystal glass in the past incorporated a high proportion of lead, but it is now made by a lead-free process. Many fine examples of Bohemian glass are displayed, and one section of the museum explains the history of the Moser family who established the factory. Visitors can also go on guided tours of the factory where they can see glass blowers working, traditionally in groups of three, as well as the annealing ovens and the packaging and quality control rooms.

Moser Glass Factory & Museum
Sklárny Moser
Kapitan Jaroše 46/19
36060 Karlovy Vary
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 353 - 416242