Montale Gallery and Historical Train

The Rimini to San Marino narrow-gauge electric railway opened in 1932. It connected the Italian rail network at Rimini to the mountain state of San Marino and was built by the Società Anonima delle Ferrovie e Tramvie Padane. The narrow gauge of 950mm made it easier to build the line through challenging territory for 32 km, with tight bends, more than a dozen tunnels and many large bridges. The railway stopped operating in 1944 after severe damage from bombing during the Second World War. In 2012, 800 metres of track were restored near the terminus in San Marino. Other sections are parks and public footpaths. One of the electric railcars has been restored in the blue and white colours of San Marino at the Montale Gallery, which was the last tunnel at the end of the line and had a grand portal designed by an architect from Rome.

Montale Gallery and Historical Train
Galleria Montale e Treno Storico Ferrovia Rimini-San Marino / Treno Bianco Azzurro
Piazzale Ex Stazione
47890 Città di San Marino
San Marino
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