Mining Museum at Knalla Mine

In Zinkgruvan, 8 km north of Sweden's second largest lake Vättern, zinc, lead, copper and silver have been mined and enriched since the second half of the 1850s. At that time, the Belgian company Vieille Montagne built the mining facility and accommodation for the miners. The village of Zinkgruvan is now part of the municipality of Askersund. 1 km from the mine, which is still active today, is the Knalla mine, which was in operation until 2004. Since 2016, an exhibition mine was operated in the mine, the underground section of which was closed in 2022. The buildings above ground continue to house a mining museum, which offers guided tours of the site and operates a 500-metre-long narrow-gauge railway line around the mine site. The museum's exhibition hall houses vehicles from different eras and areas of activity.

Mining Museum at Knalla Mine
Zinkgruvans gruvmuseum och Knalla gruva
Strömslundsvägen 12
69676 Askersund
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