Blanzy Mining Museum

Blanzy is a mining village a short distance south of Le Creusot. The mining museum forms part of the Creusot-Montceau Ecomusée. The St Claude Mine opened between 1857 and 1881. Its shaft was no more than 30 m deep and it was always quote small, employing not more than 90 miners. The project to restore the mine dates from 1978 and is largely supported by volunteers. The symbol of the project is a 22m high headstock erected in the second decade of the twentieth century. There is an exhibition showing mining in Blanzy from c 1750 to 1990, displayed in a winding engine house of 1877 that was later used as a dwelling. Visitors can see the lamp room, ventilation and blasting systems, railways and conveyors, methods of drilling and supporting the roof, coal washers, compressors, pumps and surveying equipment. There are photographs of miners at work, at home and following their leisure pursuits.

Blanzy Mining Museum
Musée de la Mine de Blanzy
34 Rue du Bois Clair
71450 Blanzy
+33 (0) 385 - 682285