Minero MWINAS Technology and Mining Park

Andorra is a city in Aragon, quite distinct from the independent principality of Andorra on Spain’s border with France. The area was important for the mining of brown coal in the twentieth century, and the whole area around the St Juan pit is interpreted as an open air museum. The principal monument is a lattice steel headstock, 44 m high, which visitors can climb in order to enjoy views of the surrounding landscapes. The winding engine is preserved, and large machines associated with the extraction of lignite are displayed in a park. The indoor section of the museum, in a former warehouse, is approached from the city of Andorra along a tree-lined avenue. It includes displays of photographs, plans and tools and recollections of former miners who sometimes act as guides. Visitors can also explore the Huzadal Corta Allozo, an open-cast pit which illustrates both mining history and geology.

Minero MWINAS Technology and Mining Park
MWINAS Parque Tecnológico Minero
Paseo de las Minas s/n
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