Michel Giacometti Museum of Labour

Housed in the five-storey Perienes canning factory, the Museum of Labour opened in 1995. It grew from a collection dedicated to the world of work that was gathered by students in a project supervised by the French ethnographer Michel Giacometti in 1975. The large spaces of the former factory are filled with display panels and objects. The displays cover local industry, domestic work, agriculture, commerce and especially fish canning and lithographic printing of packaging.There are three main exhibitions. The first looks at agricultural and domestic work and presents many tools and equipment. The second exhibition traces the canning production process and displays artifacts relating to the industry, including a large and colourful collection of printed packaging. Testimonies can be read from workers who collectively helped construct the exhibition. The third exhibition is of a reconstructed grocery store, brought to life by bottles, barrels, weighing scales and jars.

Michel Giacometti Museum of Labour
Museu do Trabalho Michel Giacometti
Largo Defensores da República, 3
2910470 Setúbal
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