Mequinenza Mine Museum

The Mequinenza Mine Museum presents over 170 years of mining history. Coal mining began in this area of north-east Spain in the late nineteenth century. The museum is housed in the underground workings of a genuine coal mine that closed in 2014. Equipped with helmets, visitors take a guided tour through 1 km of tunnels into the hillside, on foot and riding in railway wagons. They learn about the evolution of coal extraction methods, from the pick and shovel to coal-cutting machines and conveyor belts capable of extracting many tons of material. As visitors make their way through the tunnels, they gain insight into the daily life and working conditions of miners. A collection of machines, tools, mannequins and photographs from the region’s coal mines represent the industry. The Mine Museum is part of the ‘Museums of Mequinenza’ with the Mequinenza History Museum and the Museum of the Prehistoric Past.

Mequinenza Mine Museum
Museo de la Mina de Mequinenza
Av. María Quintana, 3
0170 Mequinenza
+34 (0) 974 - 464705