Menier Chocolate Factory

Noisiel is one of the best-preserved industrial communities in Europe. At its centre is a chocolate factory of 1872 designed for Emile Justin Menier (1812-81) by the engineer Jules Logre and the architect Jules Saulnier (1817-81). The building, with a revolutionary exposed iron frame that is infilled with polychromatic brickwork, stands astride the River Marne which powered its Girard turbines. The design of the workers’ housing was influenced by model industrial settlements in Britain. The River is crossed by a single-span footbridge designed by Armand Considère, a pioneer of concrete construction. Other buildings include the chateau that was the home of the Menier family, and a model farm.

Noisiel is now the French headquarters of Nestlé International, and is interpreted by the local organisation, Noisiel Ville d’Histoire.

Menier Chocolate Factory
200 place Gaston Menier
77186 Noisiel
+33 (0) 1 - 60051550