Malta Aviation Museum

The museum is located in hangers near the Ta‘ Qali stadium. It exhibits a collection of over twenty aircraft with aircraft engines, airfield equipment and vehicles, uniforms and models. The Romney hanger contains Navy jets, equipment for pilot training, scale models, a restoration workshop and aircraft awaiting attention. The Air Battle of Malta hangar contains restored aircraft from the Second World War era including a Spitfire, a Hawker Hurricane and a de Havilland Tiger Moth. The Main hangar shows a variety of later piston and jet aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines and ground equipment. The museum has restored many of the aircraft and has continuing restoration projects. The Hawker Hurricane was recovered from the sea in 1995 and put into working condition. Outside are an air-raid warden’s post, a memorial chapel built in 2012 and a memorial garden.

Malta Aviation Museum
ATD 4000 Ta' Qali
+356 (0) 2141 - 6095